Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Snowing!

Rumor had it that we may get snow... Yeah right! The last little bit of snow we got was Jan 2nd, 2002. I remember it vividly b/c it was my first Prenatal appt withmy pregnancy with Clint. A little dusting of snow... nothing at all like CO snow, we laughed at it :) Fast forward 6 years... all winter long Clint had been asking when it was going to snow. I explained to him that it doesn't typically snow in MS but one day we would visit Grandpa in CO or somewhere else up north and he would get to see snow.

He still continued to beg and plead with me that it would snow, like he saw on his cartoons and movies. He began to pray for "Snow" I remember thinking to myself man, how am I gonna get him over this one and not be too disappointed? Well, when the rumors began lurking that we may get snow I was up working late in the night... I didn't dare speak of it to the kids cause I didn't want the aftermath when it didn't snow.

Saturday morning I was completely crashed, Ben jumped up and said "Oh my Gosh!" I thought the house was on fire or something... asking what was wrong, he says, "It's snowing"

The kids were in the living room watching the morning cartoons... wearing t shirts and oblivious to the white fluff falling from the sky! We ran out to tell them, Clint says "God answered my prayer!" I had forgotten he was praying for this, and was simply amazed myself!

The kids ran out to play in it... no socks, pants, shoes, HA! We quickly had to gather up warm clothes... no mittens to speak of so we resorted to socks, which got soppy wet and cold, I think we put plastic bags on them too. They built a snowman, we walked the desserted streets of the neighborhood. WOW it was beautiful!

The snow melted, Clint immediately started to pray again for more snow... I thought he was crazy but just told him to pray all he wanted.... Would you believe about 10 days later we had ANOTHER Mississippi snowfall! Not as much but a good covering! WoW~

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