Friday, August 22, 2008

Clint's 6th bday Party

My baby turns 6 :( Can't believe it all has gone by so fast!!! This year Clint said he didn't want a party with all the "napkins & junk" as he put it! LOL! He clarified and said he didn't need balloons, decorations, etc. So we kinda went theme-less. And after having Gavin's 1st birthday in May and Sandy's 3rd party right behind Gavin's, I was relieved when he said he didn't want a theme! Whew! He was happy with mom's homemade round cake... Sprinkles rock! A clear reminder that it is not about the money involved or the fancy stuff, but the simple things in life are what really pleases us. So we kept things s low key as possible. He invited a handful of friends and then throw in 5 cousins and grandparents, Aunts Uncles, etc... well it gets pretty full fast!

We had pizza... Clint wanted chocolate cake. Sandy helped make it and did the sprinkles. Clint wanted puch-ups instead of typical ice cream, so I splurged on it as I wouldn't normally buy it. I must say the push ups were the hit of the party. All the kids enjoyed them and some didn't even want any cake.

Clint picked 2 of his best friends Logan and Jaxson to spend the night. this was the first time we did anything like this so after everyone left the boys set up camp upstairs... GAME TIME!

They stayed up until around 11pm I think, heck I don't know i was pooped and went to sleep, Daddy had duty that night! He eventually told the boys it was bed time and they passed out within 5 minutes!

It was a great party. It won't be too much longer that we will get to have a party for him... I'm sure in a few more years it won't be cool anymore :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clint's 6th Birthday (actual day)

This ws Clint's Actual birthday. After school we let him open his presents from us & Big Mom & Pappy. Then we had his "party" with friends and family the next night... A pizza party and he had 2 friends spend the night. This was what he wanted to do and they stayed up late playing video games of course :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caught in the ACT!!!

This is what our bad boy is up to!!!! In 2 seconds flat he will push the chair to the fish tank, climb up, open the lid and reach on into it.... then he wets his hair and face! HA HA!!! It is cute, but alos annoying after a time or 2 :) He is 15 months old

Monday, August 11, 2008

And this is what Sandy & Gavin did

Summer is coming to an end; although it really doesn't feel like it. Gavin is getting more and more into everything. I am sad that Clint is back in school, yet at the same time hoping I can get into a more structured routine. I hope to be able to get back into ebay and get back into full swing on the bow making.

This was a rainy, dreary day. Sandy was thrilled to be able to put on her new raincoat and boots and play in the rain. And, well, Gavin wasn't gonna miss out on that either :) They had fun and as you can see adore the newest addition Blue

Clints 1st Day of school (1st Grade)

Waiting for the bus...

Awe come on MOM!!!

Wow, our first grader! Clint was a bit nervous about the first day of school. He really wasn't too thrilled about going back to school... After all who wouldn't like to lounge around and watch cartoons, play video games and snack all day with mom??? LOL

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