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    1. Thanks Pam, I am gonna check yours out too!

  2. Hello! My name is Brittny! I have a friend that was just diagnosed with IC and he is in a lot of pain! Want to connect with you so we know someone else with it!

  3. Hi! I found your blog yesterday and want to thank you for the information. I was diagnosed with IC roughly 10 years ago. I have taken the over the counter supplement L'arginine for ten years and it has kept the IC relatively in check. Until about a week ago.....I am currently having the worst flare I've ever had since I was diagnosed. I saw your blog and bought a bottle of Young Living Lavender essential oil yesterday. Like you, I was skeptical, and it pained me to pay the $23.50. However, it is working!!!! In about fifteen minutes, I felt relief. I've also found that drinking chamomile tea helps with the spasms. I'm going to see how that progresses but I am going to make an appointment with an IC specialist since i haven't really seen a urologist about this for ten years. Anyway, thank you for sharing.


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