Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beach in Biloxi

We decided to take an impromptu trip to the coast the weekend of July 4th. The fishing rodeo was going on and we decided to go check that out. We ended up viewing the fish and getting out of there pretty quick cause it was so hot and the kids were bored.
Next stop... the beach. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this! Gavin LOVED it.... Sand, water... he was in hog heaven! We did the typical things, ya know... burying each other in the sand... jumping the waves... etc etc.
We decided to stay the night and were able to get a room at the Sea Bee Base in GulfPort. It was really nice. Had a kitchenette and all. I think it was like $24 bucks for the night so that was awesome!
I loved the cheap prices at the BX too! We had to stock up on some toothbrushes, etc since this was so unplanned... Just killed me to have to pay for toothbrushes, deoderants, etc. since I have been getting them for free with my CVS deals.... Oh well, I did find cool pink camo and desert camo designs for the kids... Gotta love that!
The kids were pooped by the end of the day and quickly crashed in the room after we ate.... The next morning Daddy got some McD's Pancakes... which are our favorites!!! yummmmmmmmy. Sandy did not want her picture taken :)

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