Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Hanging World Globe Lamps

I saw the idea on pinterest to use an old world globe, cut in half and add a light kit to it to make hanging lights... although I couldn't find much info on how to actually make them.  I had an old globe that was broken off the axle and knew it would be perfect for my son's desk area.  He loved the idea and was on board!  I went to my blue store and with the help of a kind lady that worked there selected the longest length of electrical wire with the plug I  could find... I think it was around 10 feet.  and the I purchased 2 ceramic sockets for the light bulbs.  that was it.  I think I spent around $7-8.  From there I decided that I shouldn't mess with wiring and it was right up my hubby's alley :)  Trust me... he was thrilled!  He just loves my projects ideas :)

I descibed to him what I wanted ... to which he said...  "huh?"  so then I pulled out the pin with a photograph from pinterest... He rigged it up wiring both lamps on the one cord... I didn't want them on 2 cords or using up to outlets.  Here are some pix.  Hanging about the desk I built.  Best of all my son is completely thrilled!  Here's to hoping he will spend hours upon hours delightfully doing his homework now :)

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