Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Distressed Farmhouse Bench

For the longest time I have wanted a new dining room set... even though I absolutely LOVED my table!  It was the first purchase we made as a married couple for our home in Colorado.  We bought 4 chairs and the table and had planned to buy the matching captains chairs and cina cabinet down the road.  Less than a year later we went to get the captains chairs and discovered they were no longer available...  the set had been discontinued!  I was super bummed!  We then moved cross country to Mississippi... over the years I have tried to find the set, or chairs that would match.  I really wanted more seating... to no avail.  I was going to purchase a new set to have a matching hutch and wanted to be able to seat 8... but at least 5 to seat my family :-)
Long story short I still LOVED my table and decided to keep it. And build the farmhouse bench I saw on Ana White's website!   The seats need to be reupholstered still... which is on my to do list.  I had leftover 2x4's laying around from our fireplace addition... so one afternoon my son and I tackled this!

I decided to notch my wood out as the plan calls for. This was a bit intimidating for me. I watched a YouTube video, called the hubby at work... "how do I use the skill saw and adjust the measurements?". Haha my hubby loves me. I waited for him to be home to show me... cause yes that thing does scare me after all. When I told him what I was doing he said I should use a jigsaw to cut out the area.... I told him, nope I want to use the skill saw and a chisel... the YouTube video made it look super easy! So he helped me figure how to set the depth to an 1 1/2. The first 2 I did were not as pretty and needed more chiseling, but then it went real quick. I had 8 to do... and by the end of it my little arms were sore, but I was popping out wood left and right! I was so proud! My 4 year old helped distress the wood with hammer and nails. And I used a black stain. 1 coat... then sanded areas for a distressed look. I finished with 2 coasts of poly and sanding in between.

I added felt to the bottom of the legs to protect my floor and it is easier to pull in and out :-)


  1. Great job! I am hoping to build the farmhouse table & benches for our new kitchen. I love the distressed look too! :) - Lisa.


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