Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Floating corner shelves

Wanted a little spot for my daughter to place some of her hair accessories and other misc things she wants to display.  I used a piece of leftover 1x12 I believe it was.  I cut them on an angle on the miter saw...  so they were triangles.  I cut pocket holes on the underneath side and also on the fronts to add a piece of trim... which I think I use a 1x2... measured and cut the edges to fit flush with the wall.  I measured from the floor and spaced all 4 of the shelves evenly.  My goal was to screw directly to the wall studs...  I think one side had a stud... plus the corner itself... the other side was just to drywall, but they are not very big and after doing 1 knew these babies were secure,  I primed and sanded before mounting... then after mounting....  I filled any gaps with caulk and then painted them in a whit semi gloss to match the rest of the room. 

This is a corner of the room that would otherwise have been unused.  The closet door opens to it and the big window is next to it.  So I felt confident the shelves would never be in the way of furniture if I rearranged the room

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