Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Juniper Berry Oil and Night Terrors

JUNIPER BERRY is one of my favorite oils!

     My oldest has had night terrors
since he was about 18 months old. at first they were very infrequent. When he was school age they came more often.... somewhere around 7 or 8 yrs old he began having them more frequently and I tried to learn anything I could to stop them from occurring. Routine, schedule, sleeping enough, eating and drinking properly, etc etc. If we stuck to routine we could mostly keep them away but if he stayed up at a friend's house too late I was doomed! His night terrors would come exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes into his sleep pattern. He would scream in terror, someone was trying to kill him, or me, it was always frightening to go thru and there was little I could do to console him. Some nights they would occur another hour and 20 minutes later... it was exhausting to say the least....
     As he got older and bigger they were scarier because it was much harder for me to contain him. He fell off the top of his bunk bed during one episode.... I could go on & on.
      After I got into essential oils and heard Juniper berry could prevent night terrors from occurring I was skeptical but intrigued. After all this was my sleep that was getting messed with too! I did more research and was willing to try it so I ordered it and waited for the opportune time to try this oil. After a spend the night with his friends... when he of course stays up too late, gets up too early and is overly stimulated! We applied a drop diluted with fractionated coconut oil to the bottom of his big toes and swiped across the forehead for good measure. NO NIGHT TERROR!! Time and again when his routine is off or a lack of sleep we turn to juniper berry... He is now 13 and will ask for it or just go to my box and ask me which one is for night terrors? It has been over a year since we first got juniper berry and I will never run out... Life changer!
      Now there are also several other uses for juniper berry. It is a very detoxifying oil, great for kidney and bladder support. It is a diuretic and will flush your system. I use this oil often with my condition that I have and in times of retention. Very cleansing and purifying.
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