Monday, January 9, 2012

Mini Laundry Room Redo

I am trying to start thinking about ways my laundry room can function better.  I have plans to build a set of base cabinets with a counter top for folding, and area underneath for dirty clothes and baskets.  Replace the sink, come up with storage for the cat and dog food that is more functional.  I love the colors that I painted when we built the house, but would like to add the extra touches.  I hang out a lot in here...  I really would love a comfortable chair... hmmm how can I figure out a way to fit that in there???  No, really!  The kids & hubby  usually steer clear if mommy is in the laundry room!  I envision having a cup of tea and reading a book while washing clothes.  Serenity now! HA!

Ok, well I am not doing anything major at the moment.... But I did come across these great bins a couple of days ago at my local Walmart... and guess how much?!  Set of 3 for $4.50. 

I grabbed 2 sets of them for a total of 6.  Figured I could always return them if they didn't fit or find another spot to use them.  They had them in Red, Black, & Purple...  I got black...  Now if they were chocolate brown that would have been perfect, but again for the price I thought I would try them!  Here is a little photo tour of my laundry room.

I plan to update my blog as I redo the room.  Overall I like most of it, but the functionality of the space can be better so that is my goal with it....

I was not looking for these, but when I saw them I stopped in my tracks!  Took one out and judged the size and thought it might fit perfect in the space above my laundry room cabinets... which was sorta an out of reach spot that I threw a few things up on, but heck... It's a new year and I am a lady on a mission!

Here it is... In ALL her glory...  That blue baskets sits there most all of the time and I hate it!  I fold cloths right from the dryer and put them in piles and carry to their proper rooms... I don't even use the basket except for things I am too lazy to put away at that moment.  It stays in my way...  I am constantly kicking it or moving it....  Yes it must go!

Here is a before shot of the top of my laundry room cabinets

This shows one main wall.  I have had my wonderful dream machines for a few years... Yea, I probably should reposition that picture on the left wall... But I just never get around to it LOL
This area to the right I think can be better used.... Maybe some built in shelves next to the cabinets and around the kitty crap box...  Really not sure what I am going to do with this area.... Suggestions??? Please share

The corner has a basic sink.  Pretty much the cheapest thing we could find when we were building.  Built into the studs of the wall is my ironing board cabinet.  Which I adore!  It has a few shelves to store my iron and other items, plus the ironing board folds up.  I made my shade and based my paint color for this room off of that fabric
Corner of the room.  You can see my retractable clothing line here... It hides in the corner nook next to the cabinets above the washer & dryer.  I do love my clothing line!

My retractable clothing line

This is the other main wall.  Right now I have a rickety laundry sorter.  Which works ok for it's purposes.  Please excuse my tacky boxes above.  It's better than it was :)  I did have piles of the outgrown, donate, or needs repair items up there.  I was going to purchase some pretty bins or totes, but then decided to build cabinets for the base... and I am still trying to come up with what to do for the top area.  I would like a shelf or 2 up high for storage (maybe put some pretty bins there for my donate/repair items).  I definitely want a hanging rod above as well.  And this area will have a counter top and be my new folding station!
Right now the dirty clothes area has 3 baskets.  I have 5 in my family and wash each person separate. It would be nice to have a spot for each person's dirty clothes plus an extra for delicates or linens
Here is another view of the room.
This is the wall area behind the door.  I like the broom/mop holder thing... And my Roomba's home it there... Whatever I do I need to keep access to the electrical box you can see in the left on the wall.  That said it would be nice to cover it up with something decorative so I am not staring at it :)

This wall will stay as is :)
Here are my new bins above the cabinets.  They just so happen to fit pretty great I think!


  1. Hey thanks for the follow! And for letting me know about my silly button! I have the hardest time with html code!!
    We're fixing to get a new to us house and I'll have my first ever laundry room! And I've thought about making a sitting area for momma only in it...glad I'm not the only one! ;)

  2. Well, it may have been me doing something wrong, cause I think I did figure it out and got it working LOL. Yay for your laundry room! I do love mine... as much as I may gripe with all the laundry I try to enjoy my time. I have my children's artwork hanging on one wall, and I want the word "RELAX" somewhere.... A wise friend of mine taught me to pray over my children as I am folding (or turning theirs socks the right way) HA! But I do try to make the most of the task and be joyful!!

  3. hey girl! thank you so much for linkin up to tell me tuesday and for the follow!! following you back and looking forward to getting to know you better!:)

  4. I am seriously jealous of all the space in your laundry room. Ours is so tiny and so we end up doing all of the folding on our guest room bed. Can't wait to see the changes.

  5. Thank Ashley, look forward to seeing your great stuff too! Shannah... I LOVE my space. I am pretty tall so I fold and put on top of my machines. I wash by child... so I know everything in that load goes to who... and I don't have to sort to figure whose is whose. I changed to this method after having my 3rd child and it has helped me a ton! I always washed on cold anyway. I try to fold and get the piles put away. I found if I folded on the couch or bed I was more likely to leave it and my cat would come lounge :)

  6. PLEASE share your paint color:)


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