Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Things for a New Year!

I am going to start doing some before and after pictures to document some of my home projects.  I personally love to "see" things thru pictures, to be inspired and hopefully it will inspire others too!  I am not one for making New Year's resolutions so much.... In fact for about 25 years +/- I had the same resolution.... To stop biting my nails!  I finally set my mind to it... yeah I know after 25 years LOL but I finally did do it so that counts for something right!?!  This time lasy year I was stumped cause I had no "resolution" to make.  Instead I decided to make my motto for the year... "TO SIMPLIFY"...  Simple as that!

Through the entire year my focus was to refine my home to really work the way I wanted it to.  Keep things simple.  This included getting rid of clutter, and things that I didn't want, or simply things that I did not want to spend my precious time "maintaining".   I really was impacted by an Oprah show that aired about 2 years ago.  It focused on how people lived in other countries, and showed their homes, etc.  Focusing on women of course :)  Here is a link Inside the Lives of Women Around the World

You can also view the video specifically of the home in Denmark that impacted me so much here

Simplicty!  I remember my husband coming home from work that day and doing what he typically would do when he came home.... SWEEP THE FLOORS!!!  We have stained concrete floors which we love!  They are a burnt amber color... but with children, pets and a typical day the kitchen area would be... well in need of a sweep!  This just so happens to be one of my husband's pet peeves too, and back then with 3 young children I would just let him come home and sweep!  I told him on that day.... Think of all the time we spend CLEANING and MAINTAINING things!  Never, ever do I want a larger house!  I want to be content with what I have, get rid of the excess space takers... Reduce what I need to buy... Really think about what I "NEED" in my life.

This was a game changer for me indeed... In fact that year I skipped the trip to the pumpkin patch that I was having trouble fitting into our schedule!  I know GASP!!!  My poor children, right?  Well, no... Finances were tight, gas prices were sky rocketing and the pumpkin patch was about 30 miles each way... plus $8 per person (x 5 of us)...  This included 1 pumpkin per person.  This got me thinking.... Do I REALLY need to spend all of this money, have the stress or fitting it into our cramped schedule, & have 5 pumpkins to sit on my front porch to quickly decay in the South Mississippi heat?  "Simplify"  yes, I need this!  That year I purchased 1 good size pumkin for $4 at the local Walmart... We carved it together as a family (which has become a new tradition too... 1 "family" pumpkin).

Anyway, all of my rambling... we are onto a new year now.... 2012!  I am fully inspired to continue my journey of simplifying my life.  My head is swimming with many ideas and I plan to blog about the projects as I do them this year.  Among the big projects I hope to get to this year are:
  • Building our corner fireplace complete with mantel so my stockings are not duct taped to the plastic wrap of the firebox next year :).....  We do have the firebox already purchase sitting in place! 
  • Building a laundry cabinet system for my laundry room to organize dirty clothes, have a folding area, and hanging area.... 
  • Building a bench for my dining room table.... 
  • Deciding on cabinetry for the dining room and wall shelves
  • Building a butcher block station for my bread machine on casters
  • Building a trundle for under my daughter's bed....   for storage now, and a future matress
  • Converting the bonus room into a room for my oldest son.  Right now my 2 boys share a room (ages 4 & 9) and the bonus room is my bow making area, sewing area, scrapbook stash area as well as family room/play room... Hopefully I will be able to figure out a system to move most all of my things out of the bonus room and redo the room for my oldest son.  My youngest will turn 5 and start Kindergarten in August so that is when I intend to do this redo.  Possibly building a Full or Double size bed for my oldest at this time too... One day we have plans to build a shop and have a studio above for my work area and guest sleeping/bathroom....  Yes one day!
Okay so I those are off the top of my head.  I know I am a dreamer!  But hopefully I will be able to accomplish these things and some others as I feel inspired :)  Pix to come!

I fully think the way my home feels and functions effects my day to day happiness!  Do you have new year's resolutions?  or are you like me and make goals?  Love to hear!

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