Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Little ChalkBoard Easel I made

Here is one of my recent woodworking projects I did.  I was itching to get back into woodworking.... and a little intimidated by the miter saw that was sitting in the garage.  One day I saw some old wood laying the the yard... Actually they were the stakes I used in my garden last summer.  The kids had been playing with them... they were wet, dirty... really almost threw them out... Started looking them over and envisioned a chalk board I could write my menu on.... Originally I was thinking something I could place on my small buffet table in my breakfast nook... After taking some measurements of what I had on hand I thought I would go bigger to place on the floor or even use for outdoor parties down the road.  I love cooking, and just thought it would be a cute piece to have... Something just for me!

A quick call to my husband that went a little something like this... "hey, how do i use the miter saw?"  He was a little leary to say the least.  He told me to hold my wood firm, wear eye protection, and be CAREFUL!  uh ok honey lol :)

This is about 30 inches high... I built the frame for each side and then used some scrap 1/4" wood I had as well ( I painted those with black chalkboard paint) I used a black wood stain I had leftover from another project and then coated it with some poly.  I used 2 hinges on the top and twine with 2 eye screws to secure it from flopping on the floor.
~My little Chalkboard Easel~

I just love how it turned out!  Now when the kids ask what is for dinner I can just point :)  and as a bonus I can use both sides :)   I am linking up to a great Link Party.  Lots of great home organizing ideas for you to browse... Can't wait to see more ideas!

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