Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marella Italian Gravy (Spaghetti Sauce)

Growing up I remember many days when there would be a pot of "Gravy" on the stove...  Seemed like it cooked for 3 days and would smell divine!  In reality it was more like a day (8 hours) of cooking on low.  A big pot would get made along with homemade meatballs and braciole (This is soooo good!!!)  My parents would then freeze leftovers for later use.

While the pot was cooking we would always grab some bread a get a little bowl of gravy and dip our bread

I don't measure and with use different tomatoes based on what I have.  During the summer and when I have a plentiful stash of fresh or tomatoes from home canning I will use those!  When my supply is depleted I use store bought canned tomatoes usually a combination of crushed, pureed, stewed.  Really just depends how chunky you like your gravy (sauce).

Here is the basics:
Saute Garlic in olive oil or meat oil (from fried meatballs if made).... Add either fresh stewed/pureed tomatoes or canned stewed tomatoes... Add parsley, onion (diced or powder), italian seasonings, sugar, salt/pepper or other spices to taste... add tomato paste to thicken to desired... Cook very low heat at least 8 hours or more stirring occassionally.  Add red wine toward the end of cooking.  You may add your cooked meatballs and braciole while simmering as well

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